Northern Samar Anti-Drug Council sees a drug free province

- Date Posted: June 20, 2017

Catarman, Northern Samar –  With a strong stance to fight the proliferation of illegal drugs in the province, the local Anti-Drug Abuse Council here conducted a  series of fora to somehow raise the knowledge level of the public.

Plans were significantly formulated with inputs coming from participating sectors so as to address certain challenges that beset the Council. This happened, in the recently held Drug Summit.

As presented, there are eight challenges at hand, that need to be acted upon in collaboration, coordination, and support of various agencies that compose the Council with the local government unit at its helm.

The  glaring lack of pro-active advocacy program versus drug addiction, absence of rehabilitation center, lack of programs intended for surrenderers  such as alternative livelihood are among the issues and concerns that confront the Council.

Efforts however of the PNP, Northern Samar Police Provincial Office (NSPPO) were commended as it was able to achieve a very significant accomplishment, from the time Double Barrel programs took effect.

As reported, it resulted to NSPPO’s ranking first, in Region8 in as far as the drug clearing operations is concerned, with Bobon town being declared, first drug free municipality in the entire region.

Further, the Provincial Government is in the forefront of Anti-Drug efforts. Aside from signing the Executive Order, Gov. Jose L. Ong, Jr. disclosed during one of the meetings that the province under his administration has been very supportive of the Anti-drug campaign. In fact, he said, his administration has given a  reasonable  amount to support the operation of the PNP Northern Samar in their to fight against criminality and illegal drugs.

The Executive Order organizing the Anti-Drug Council was issued by Gov. Ong as  a buy-product of a bigger Anti-Drug Summit held last year. (ADiaz/PIA8-Northern Samar)