CATARMAN, Northern Samar — In its effort to address vulnerability in times of disasters and emergencies, the Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council has approved its Local Climate Change Action Plan (LCCAP) for calendar year 2018-2022 at the PDRRM Office in October 27, this year.

Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction Management Officer said that LCCAP contains the policies and measures that a local government must implement and streamline to be able to adapt to climate change and to mitigate its effects.

He said the plan extensively tackles the challenges of climate change and prioritized adaptation scheme in order to reduce vulnerability and risks of communities particularly the poor and at the same time provides policy environment that will encourage the participation of different stakeholders to strengthen mitigation initiatives towards sustainable development.

Further, he said that the plan charts specific programs and strategies for adaptation and mitigation and affords adaptive capacity and resiliency of communities and natural ecosystems to climate change

Likewise, it adopts the total economic valuation of natural resources while ensuring biodiversity conservation, and recognizes the competitive advantage of putting value on the proper use of environment and natural resources, as a short to long term sustainable development goals.

The plan’s ultimate goal is to build the adaptive capacities of communities, increase resiliency of vulnerable sectors particularly the women and children and natural ecosystems, and optimize mitigation opportunities towards gender responsive and rights-based sustainable development programs.

Chapter I of the plan is the background and rationale that contains the general overview of the LCCAP while chapter II comprises the situational analysis in terms of the different climate-related hazards and the various elements exposed to such hazards; and the summary findings of such assessment.

Chapter III features the goals and objective of the plan anchored on the National Climate Change Action Plan and Chapter IV enumerates the program projects and activities to be conducted.

Chapter V provides the system of monitoring and evaluation of the plan, its expected outputs, and the steps. (ajc/tbc-pia8northsamar)