CATARMAN, N. Samar — The Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) cautions everyone to be more vigilant and keep houses fire safe every day, in an interview by PIA on March 13, 2019.

Fire Senior Inspector Hermie Bolosino, provincial fire marshall, said most fire incidents are caused by faulty electrical wrings, thus he advised families to allow professional electricians to check convenient outlets regularly.

He also reminded not to use outdated appliances at home because they draw a lot of power, and units with unraveled and damaged cords pose extra risk of igniting a fire.

He also warned to avoid plugging more than one heat producing appliances, like, oven toaster, electric fan, and rice cooker into a single outlet.

He then reiterated to the public not to leave any appliances running when no one has to pay attention at home or the office.

When using electric fans make sure to switch off after using it for four to six hours especially during summer because it can also cause fire, he stressed.

On cellphones, never charge your cellphone while you are sleeping as overcharging can overheat and cause hazard.

On extension cords, he suggested to better assemble ones own extension wire to make sure of its reliability rather than buying a well-designed one with a substandard strand.

On gas stoves, particularly the liquefied petroleum gas (LGP) tank, he said to make sure it is in good condition, one has to turn it off every after use because this tank is just like ticking time bomb.

LPGs can cause more damage and claim more lives if not checked, the fire marshall said.

Finally, he said, for households with no fire extinguisher, make sure you have a pail or a drum filled with water.

It will also be useful if one has two to three sacks of sand ready to use in case of fire.

Sand can absorb spills of flammable liquids and render less dangerous by reducing the risk of ignition and explosion. (NBQ/TBC/PIA-8, Northern Samar)