Its location at the northernmost tip of the province of Northern Samar has made Biri a navigational landmark because of the San Bernardino lighthouse station nearby and her waters facing the southern tip of Luzon as it is the navigational course of many coastwise and inter island ships plying the Northern Samar seas and Manila.

The Island of Biri was declared an ecotourism zone.  It is famous for its iconic rock formations.

Biri experiences moderate temperature throughout the year with distinct dry and wet seasons.  Two types of winds that prevail in this area are the southeast monsoon and the northwest monsoon.



Distance from the Capital Town:         37 kms. To Lavezares (jump-off point to Biri)

Approximate  Travel Time:                   35 mins. land trip;  45mins. boat  ride(from  lavezares)

Public jeepney/private vehicle from Catarman terminal station to Lavezares port for 35 minutes. 45 mins. boat ride fro lavezares to Biri island.


Places of interest


A must see place for both foreign and local tourists, considered as the icon destination of the Province of Northern Samar.  These gigantic rock formations sculpted by ferocious waves of the pacific ocean is perfect for those who wish to find solitude.  The site is located in Brgy. Progress, 10 minutes motorcycle ride from the proper town of Biri.



Biri Resort :

Reef and grill café

Biri dive shop

Villa Amor