Honorable Govenor Jose ‘Jun’ Ong, Jr. is one Nortehanon we can all be proud to call our own.

Honorable Govenor Jose ‘Jun’ Ong, Jr. is one Nortehanon we can all be proud to call our own. One of eight children of Jose Ong Chuan and Agripina Lao, who also are both Laoanganons, Jun Ong had his elementary education in the province of Samar. He was then sent to Manila to acquire better secondary and college education.

Immediately after graduation, he took and passed the Licensure Examination for Certified Public Accountants. Afterwards, he worked at the Central Bank of the Philippines as an examiner.

Later, however, Jun Ong joined and focused on working at their family’s hardware business in Manila. In 1984, he married his beautiful wife, Desiree Lim. He also frequently went home to Laoang where he grew up and spent his childhood days.

After being engaged in the management of their family business for several years, Jun Ong heeded a greater calling and decided to be of greater service to his beloved fellow Nortehanons by running for public office.

Hence, when the opportunity came in 1987, Jun Ong ran in the elections for representative of the second district of Northern Samar. He was overwhelmingly chosen by the people and won as one of Northern Samar’s representatives in Congress.

In 2009, he was appointed by the president as Deputy Commissioner for Administration at the Bureau of Customs.

After 20 years of insulating himself from the old politics of ‘guns, goons, and gold’, Jun Ong returned to public service by running for Provincial Governor of Northern Samar in 2013 and winning the race by a landslide.

At the present, Jun Ong continues to offer his pro-people and service-oriented brand of leadership and governance to the Nortehanons in his capacity as a two-term governor of the province.