San Isidro is the last town on the northern boundary of Samar and Eastern Samar.   San Isidro, dotted with enchanting waterfalls, is best for trekking.



Distance from the Capital Town:         61 km

Approximate  Travel Time:       1.5 hour

From Catarman terminal, take a jeep ride bound for Allen, then take a tricycle ride from Allen station to the town of San Isidro.


Places of Interest


Busay Falls and Kang Pongkol Falls are located at Barangay Seven Hills and Barangay Happy Valley respectively.  Busay Falls is two kilometers away from the town proper, while Kang Pongkol Falls is eight kilometers away.



Happy Valley, which is nine kilometers away from the town center, is a land of rolling hills and lush greenery that is home to wild birds.  As such, it is a spectacular site for bird watching and nature viewing.  It is a perfect location for a park especially since Kang Pongkol Falls is just a few meters away.  Local officials have already recommended this site to be developed into a Provincial Park.



A ravishing falls with a ten-foot deep pool and a cove on its right side.  On the opposite side of the road, about 60 meters away from where the pool is located is an exquisite beach where one can take a swim, then cross again to the other side to rinse by the cool waterfalls.Veriato Falls used to be the source of electric power for communication purpose during the American occupation.