San Vicente is situated between Northern Samar and Masbate, comprising the island barrios of Tarnate, Silà, Sangputan, Maragat and the island sitios of Majaba and Panganoron.

The municipality of San Vicente was created on June 18, 1966 under R.A. 4761 taken from the municipality of Capul.  But it was inaugurated as a municipality on April 5, 1967.

Its has a total land area of 15.9 square kilometers.  The island is composed of seven barangays. Its population is 5,831, and a household number of 1,261 as of year 2000 census of population.

Like Capul, coconut is the primary agricultural product followed by abaca, corn, root crops and vegetables.  Rice production is low due to the short rainy season and occurrence of pest and diseases.  Rice plantations are sometimes destroyed by the frequent visit of typhoons in the said island.  Because of its static location, the island offers several varieties of fish species and marine products.  Fishing is the main source of income of the majority of the island.

Roads are narrow, hilly and only few are asphalted.  During rainy days, some parts become slippery, which sometimes make them inaccessible for motorbikes and pedicabs.

Cebuano and Norte Waraynon are the dialects commonly used by the people of San Vicente.


Land Area:                  1,580 Hectares

Boundaries:                 East:     Capul Pass

West:    Masbate

South:  Tagapul-an Island

North:  Capul Island

No. of Barangay:         7

Population:                  6,506

Means of Livelihood:    Fishing, business & industry, agriculture, trade & industry.



Distance from the Capital Town:         96 km (approx)

Approximate  Travel Time:       2.5hours

San Vicente is accessible by motorboat from San Isidro and or Allen port.  It takes two and half hours via ordinary motorboat for a fare of 90.00 to reach the said area.  However, using a special hired motorboat travel time is reduced to two hours.  Special trip cost fromP 1,500.00 to P2000.00


Places of Interest


A two-kilometer white sandy beach island remarkable for the rock formations on one of its side.  The island is famous in the locale because of the existing Pearl Farm owned by a Japanese Investor.


Cabudo and Marasbaras are breath taking beaches found in Barangay Sangputan which can be paradise for scuba divers.  On the way to these islets, one could see whales and dolphins frolicking along motorboats.  The place too, is ideal for snorkeling because of the unexploited coral reefs, that serve as homes for juvenile sea creatures.


Situated at Barangay Maragat, both beaches have panoramic views.  The tip of Bicol region is visible from this place.  Sandy white beaches and crystal aquamarine waters are conducive for swimming.  Playful whales can be seen in said site at times.  Migrating wild ducks are also seen at times in these beaches.