All September 25, 2022 BLEPT Examinees
Please signify if you prefer to have the BLEPT examination here in Catarman.
Give us your complete name (Surname, First Name, Middle Name),
Application Number, and
Category: Elementary or Secondary and your major if Secondary examinee.
Send it to us through any of the following platforms starting today until evening of July 19, 2022:
1.) via email at nspeso2020@gmail.com
2.) text the following NS PESO nos. 09456893777; 09171356266 or 09176520463
The list which will be generated will be sent to PRC to support our request for the examination here in Catarman. However, it is not a guarantee of automatic approval of our request. Whatever the result, we will post it through this page as soon as we receive a notice from PRC.
Thank you for your cooperation.
This PGNS Advisory is from our Northern Samar Public Employment Service Office