The Four Development Clusters of the Provincial Government convened today, March 16, 2023 to deliberate on the proposed programs, projects, and activities for inclusion in the 2024 Annual Investment Plan of the province. The group also revisited the 2023-2025 Executive Legislative Agenda and the 2023-2025 Provincial Development Investment Program of Northern Samar.

Chaired by Vice Governor Clarence E. Dato, along with Provincial Administrator Efren Sabong, potential challenges were tackled as they look back at the previous year’s budget timeline and project implementation. Strategies were raised to address past challenges as it was agreed upon that a more streamlined process for budget allocation and approval is necessary to ensure timely implementation of cluster projects. The consultation meeting concluded with a consensus among the department and office heads to collaborate and coordinate their efforts in achieving the development goals, while also ensuring alignment with the overall development agenda of the Provincial Government, dubbed as Sustained PROGRESS.