CATARMAN, Northern Samar – The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), during PIA’s radio program “Huruhimangraw sa Panginudto” at station DYSM on Feb. 21, encouraged the public to always demand for receipts of their purchases of goods and services.

BIR Revenue District Officer Atty. James Balagapo said all buyers should ask for receipt or invoice so that tax on the said sale is properly declared and remitted to the BIR.

“The benefit of asking for a BIR registered receipt or invoice is to ensure that the payment made is valid and supported with documents for accounting and tax purposes otherwise we only let business evade the payment of right taxes,” he explained.

He continued that for every purchase we make we are paying 12% value added tax or VAT. If we do not ask for a receipt, we are enriching the businessmen, because the 12% VAT goes to their pockets.

“Remember, taxes being the lifeblood of the government should be adequate in order to finance the general requirements of growth and development of our country,” he stressed.

“With more tax collections, the government will be able to widen the scope of expenditures in development programs and projects and improve the quality of basic services and thus provide more economic benefits to the public,” he added. (n/TBC-pia8northernsamar)