CATARMAN, Northern Samar – In order to contain the spread of COVID-19 virus, the Civil Service Commission (CSC) Northern Samar Provincial Field Office, Mr. Rowin Riños, the concurrent provincial director in the province, encouraged government offices to implement alternative work arrangement during this public health emergency.

This, he said in a phone patch interview at PIA’s “Huruhimangraw sa Panginudto” radio program at DYSM on September 4.

According to Riños, Memo Circular 10, s. 2020 or the revised interim guidelines for alternative work arrangement and support mechanism for workers in the government allowed alternative work arrangements.

He said alternative work arrangements in government agencies may adopt any or a combination of the following such as work from home, skeleton force, four- day compressed workweek, staggered working hours, or other alternative work arrangement.

The concurrent provincial director explained that work from home refers to an output-oriented work arrangement that authorizes the worker to produce outputs/results and accomplishment outside the office while a skeleton force work arrangement has a minimum number of employees required to man the office to render service when full staffing is not possible.

Further he said, the four day compressed workweek is a work arrangement whereby employees reports to office four days a week.

The staggered working hours is a work arrangement applicable to offices/agencies that observe work shifting or flexible working time as long as the employee rendered 40 hours a week.

The work-from-home arrangement may be allowed for the following tasks such as research; policy formulation/review/amendment; project work, including but not limited to, drafting of proposals/project studies/training modules; data encoding/processing; adjudication of cases or review of cases, including legal work; budget planning and forecasting; evaluation and formulation of accounting, auditing and management control system; computer programming; database maintenance; design work/drafting of drawing plans; preparation of information materials; sending/receiving of emails and human resource task like computation of leave credits and preparation of payroll.

 He pointed out that the agency head shall ensure that the employees under work-from-home shall make themselves available during the work hours that they are at home and the given task to be performed to the full extent possible in terms of man-days per work week.

Moreover, he encouraged government entities of the use of videoconferencing/teleconferencing in conducting meetings to minimize face to face interaction that may cause possible COVID-19 transmission.

As of September 9, Catarman recorded 46 confirmed COVID-19 cases, 30 are admitted at the Rayhak Isolation Facility, two are confined at the Northern Samar Provincial Hospital (NSPH), one was admitted at the Catarman Doctors Hospital Incorporated (CDHI) and three are at the Community Isolation Unit 7, while 10 have already recovered. (nbq/TBC/PIA Northern Samar)