CATARMAN, Northern Samar — The Philippine National Police in Northern Samar discovered an abandoned manufacturing site and recovered around P2.1 million worth of improvised explosive device (IED) on October 2, 2020 at Barangay Burabod, San Antonio, Northern Samar.

This is the second recovery at the same place. The first was on September 20, 2020 where they retrieved explosive materials amounting to P3.5 million.

Recovered raw materials by the 1st Northern Samar Provincial Mobile Force Company headed by Force Commander PMaj. Edwin Oloan Jr., in coordination with the San Antonio Police Station and the Northern Samar Provincial Explosive Ordnance and Canine Unit, were 915 meters time fuse with an estimated market value of P64,050.

Other raw materials were 30 thousand blasting caps with a value of P2 million, 19 pieces wooded molder for blasting caps, nine (9) pieces concrete molder, 10 kilograms of Penta Eryth Tetra Nitrate (PETN), white powder explosive chemical found in detonating cords with an estimated value of P10,000 and other bomb-making paraphernalia.

In a press release by PNP Northern Samar, an informant disclosed those raw explosive materials were not only used for illegal fishing but also ended up in the hands of NPA terrorists for roadside bombing against government forces.

Finished products according to the said informant were allegedly distributed not only in the province but in the whole Eastern Visayas and in the neighboring provinces of Masbate, Cebu and Quezon and there were still manufacturing facilities operating in the said island town.

With this, the Northern Samar Police Provincial Office through the supervision of PNP Provincial Director Arnel Apud will keep track of perpetrators with the support of the community not only in that area but the whole province as well.

PD Arnel Apud said, the recovery of those IED materials was the result of follow-up operations and with the support of local residents.

He urged everyone to report to authorities any illicit activities in the locality as protection of lives, properties and natural resources are their utmost concern.

The recovered materials are now at the care of NSPPO for safekeeping and proper disposition. (ldl/ADiaz/PIA N. Samar)