CATARMAN, Northern Samar — The Local Government Unit of Catarman led the kick off activity in celebration of 2021 Women’s Month, March 8, 2020 as the whole world celebrated the International Women’s Day.

Speaking before LGU and NGA employees, Police Lieutenant Nuncia Formaran, Catarman Deputy Chief of Police expound on the importance of celebrating women’s month based on three legal mandates: Proclamation No. 223, Proclamation No. 227 and Republic Act 6949.

Police Lieutenant Nuncial Formaran, Deputy Chief of Police, PNP Catarman. (PIA-N. Samar)

“The celebration has since served as a venue to highlight women’s achievements and discuss continuing and emerging women empowerment, gender equality issues and concerns, challenges and commitments,” Formaran emphasized.

“We must celebrate women’s month to give respect to all the women who fought for our lives, in times when we are still vulnerable and powerless, when we are still in their womb, the mothers’” she further stressed.

Vice Mayor Clarissa Rowena Bonsol in her empowering message said COVID-19 pandemic has put scores of women across the globe at risk. While the pandemic affects everyone, it has been especially harsh on the more vulnerable sectors of the society, one of which are women.

Vice Mayor Clarissa Rowena Bonsol, LGU Catarman. (PIA-N. Samar)

“But in the midst of these challenges, women continue to shine brighter than ever. Women are at the frontline to this battle,” Vice Mayor Bonsol said.

She made mention majority of the heads of offices in LGU Catarman are women.

“Women as driving force within their homes, fighting for the pandemic while taking care of their families. Women are giving of themselves with the nurturing touch, despite the hardships they endure at this time,” Bonsol further said.

This month, she said, we celebrate and honor that warrior spirit, the spirit that says “I am a WOMAN, and I CAN,” Juana, Laban sa Pandemya, Kaya!

The presence and support of PNP Catarman, BFP Catarman, BJMP, officials and employees of LGU Catarman were acknowledged and appreciated by MSWDO Ms. Ermina Delorino and Ms. Sarah Cardenas who initiated the gathering.

Other activities set for the month include Gender Sensitivity Training and Anti-Sexual Harassment at Workplace, Orientation on Issuance of BPO, Solo Parent Congress and Launching of the Most Functional VAWC Desk. (ldl/ADiaz/PIA-N. Samar)