Brief Introduction to Northern Samar Province

Province of Northern Samar is one of the three provinces comprising Samar Island. It is bounded by the Pacific ocean on the east; the San Bernardino Strait on the north; Samar Sea on the west; and the Samar and Eastern Samar provinces on the south. It is 733 kilometers away from Manila by land. Its total landmass is 349,800 hectares, of which about 52 percent is covered by forest and 42 percent is classified as alienable and disposable. The terrain is very rugged with low-lying river valleys and hills crossing one another. The province falls under the intermediate type climate, which has no distinct dry and wet seasons.

It is divided into two legislative districts, comprising 24 municipalities and 570 barangays, with its capital named Catarman which is also the political and economic center of the province. The main languages are Norte-Samarnon, Cebuano and other local dialects.

Its major industries are agriculture, fishery and handicraft production. The agriculture includes rice and vegetable farming, cattle raising, banana and peanut plantation and oil manufacturing, etc.. The fishery consists of deep sea fishing, prawn and agar culture and fresh water fish culture, etc.. The handicraft production comprises furniture manufacturing, hat and mat weaving, brick making and soap processing, etc..